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115th Congress


The purpose of this bill is to establish reformation in the American Healthcare system that accurately reflects the needs of its citizens.

Healthcare Reform Bill


Section , Basic Benefits & Coverage

Keep Young Adults Covered on Parents' Plans Until Age 26: Dependents should be covered under their parents' plan until age 26.

Allow Free Market for Prescriptions: Overseas drug providers should be allowed to enter a free market.

Charge Same Premiums for Women and Men: The government should continue to require insurance companies to charge women the same as men.

Essential Health Benefits:
  • All health insurance plans should include the following essential benefits:
    • Prescription drugs
    • Pediatric services (i.e., dental, vision, vaccinations)
    • Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care
    • Transportation to emergency room
    • Hospitalization
    • Ambulatory patient services
    • Preventive/wellness and chronic disease management
    • Mental health and addiction services
    • Laboratory services
    • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices

Keep Ban on Lifetime Coverage Limits: Health insurance companies cannot set a dollar limit on what they spend on essential health benefits for their customers.

Health Savings Accounts:
  • Health Savings Accounts will now:
    • Include a one-time matching $1,000 tax credit
    • Have a higher annual contribution limit
    • Have the ability to be used with any type of health plan
    • Be allowed to pay for health insurance premiums
    • Be exempt from bankruptcy proceedings

Medicaid Expansions: Funding for Medicaid expansions should be remain as is.

Section , Taxes, Spending & Subsidies

Health Insurance Premium Subsidies: Health insurance subsidies should be income-based.

Help Pay for Out-of-Pocket Costs: People within certain income ranges should be able to apply for subsidies (cost-sharing reductions) to lower their out-of-pocket expenses (like copays and deductibles).

Make Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible: All non-employer-based health insurance plan premiums should be tax deductible.

Tax Benefits for Employer-Sponsored Coverage: Tax benefits for employer-sponsored coverage should remain as is.

Require Everyone to Have Health Insurance: The government should require all Americans to have qualified health insurance coverage.

Require Large Employers to Offer Insurance: The government should require employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees to offer qualified health insurance coverage.

Taxes to Fund Health Benefits:
  • The following taxes should fund health benefits:
    • Medicare surtax of 0.9% for high earners
    • Medicare investment income tax of 3.8%
    • Excise tax on "Cadillac" employer-sponsored health plans
    • Medical device excise tax of 2.3%
    • Excise tax of 10% on indoor tanning salons

Insurance Exchanges: Funding should stop for all government insurance exchanges.

Government Funding for Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance: America hasn't decided.

Section , Managing the Health Risk Pool

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions: America hasn't decided.

Premium Differences by Age: The cap on premium difference should be kept at the current 3-to-1 ratio.

Stabilize the Insurance Market: The government should continue to stabilize the insurance market and risk pool to keep health insurance companies from having huge losses.

Section , Medicare

Increase Medicare Eligibility Age: The Medicare eligibility age should remain 65. An eligibility age reform should not be put in place.

Keep Closing Medicare Donut Hole: Medicare should be required to continue phasing out the donut hole (or Part D coverage gap).

Allow Prescription Cost Negotiations: Medicare should be allowed to negotiate prescription drug costs.

Section , Transparency

Require Healthcare Cost Transparency: The healthcare industry should be more transparent about the cost of medical services.

Require Doctor & Hospital Conflict Disclosures: Doctors and hospitals should be required to disclose all possible conflicts of interest to their patients.

Require Calorie Counts at Restaurants: Most vending machines and restaurants and fast food chains with at least 20 stores should be required to disclose the calorie counts of their menu items.

Section , Other Concerns

Combat Medical Professional Shortages: The government should continue to combat medical professional shortages and develop recruitment strategies.

Emphasize Quality Healthcare: The government should continue moving away from a fee-for-service system in favor of government incentives for providing quality care.

Sell Insurance Across State Lines: Insurance companies should be encouraged to sell across state lines.